"Follow your heart. Be true to your self and be true to what’s inside of you. Don’t just say you’re an artist—make your art. Don’t talk about your art—do your art, and the rest will follow. There are tremendous challenges, but don’t ever give up. It’s the most worthwhile thing."   -Hilary Palanza


Bay Area Schools Partnered with PALANZA Children's Classes

Burkes School for Girls after-school program:  2011-2015

BrightWorks School in-school program: 2013-2014

Cow Hollow Preschool in-school program:  2011-2016

Lone Mountain Children's Center in-school program:  2013-2016

Marin Horizons young children's workshops:  2012-2014

Presidio Hill School after-school program: 2012-2014

San Francisco Friends School in-school specialist:  2014-2016