"Follow your heart. Be true to your self and be true to what’s inside of you. Don’t just say you’re an artist—make your art. Don’t talk about your art—do your art, and the rest will follow. There are tremendous challenges, but don’t ever give up. It’s the most worthwhile thing."   -Hilary Palanza


PALANZA Performing Company Artistic Mission

Palanza Dance celebrates performance as an opportunity to collectively process the paradigms of our human experience. We establish an aesthetic which is raw, beautiful and concise.  We honor and reach for ongoing artistic collaborations. Palanza Dance’s performances and workshops aim to reach people who like to connect to story, beauty and the language of contemporary dance through the voice and vision of Director Hilary Palanza.

Palanza dance was formed in December 2009 by Hilary Palanza.   Our work includes two purposes: a desire for a connection to the audience via the expression of a specific human story through dance and to stay true to the emerging aesthetic of Palanza Dance – an honest, emotionally compelling and straightforward choreographic voice.

PALANZA's Teaching Experiences and Perspectives on Dance Education for Children

Interview with Hilary PALANZA, "The World Dances" Blog with Tamara Johnson