PALANZA Performances 2009-2016


Element Lounge,  “Catch,”  January 2010,  Commissioned by Artlarking

Dance Mission Theater,   “A Brief and Perplexing Study of My Loss,”  March 2010,  Emerging Choreographer’s Showcase:  “Two companies managed to create compelling emotional atmospheres…There was something vaguely ominous in Hilary Palanza’s bent-over and head-butting duets."   -San Francisco Bay Guardian

Mission SUBSPACE,  “Piano Apparatus,”  March 2010,  Commissioned by Artlarking

deYoung Museum,   “Laundry” and “(un)plugged,” April 2010
Commissioned for Friday Nights at the Museum,  Americana

Supperclub,   “Man’s Unfortunate Misdemeanors,”  June 2010.  Curated by Samantha Giron, presented with Christine Cali and RawDance

ODC,   “Man’s Unfortunate Misdemeanors,” June 2010,  Going Coastal  Seattle, Bellingham, and Bay Area choreographers

El Rio, “Edison’s Beats,” July 2010,  Commissioned by Artlarking 

Fillmore Art Walk, “Golden Hour,” September 2010, Commissioned by the deYoung Museum

Polish Club, “Collecting Fallen Leaves Ver. 1”, December 2010, a fundraiser for the Company

Dance Mission Theater, “Collecting Fallen Leaves”, April 2011

Starline Social Club, “Heartbreak Season”, May 2011,  Dance Film

Colorado College Dance Festival, “The Gardeners” July 2011

Counterpulse,  “Second Sundays”,  “The Gardeners”  September 2011

Ben Levy’s “Salon, “Cello Suite” June 2012

Dance Mission Theater "Constants and Variables" September 2012

Hayes Valley San Francisco  “Where are We Going” set design project, live paint and performance April 2012

Berkeley’s Subterranean ArtHouse  “Where are We Going” May 4, 5 2012

SF Garage Residency Project 2013  “Hiding in Tiny Places”

Dance Mission Theater, “Hiding in Tiny Places” May 17-19, 2013

ODC Theater “Take 5″  Excerpt of “Hiding in Tiny Places”, September 2013

SF Garage Residency Project 2014  “Close” Feb 7-9 and April 18-19, 2014

ODC Theater SPF7  "Close" July 2015

ODC Studio B  "Lysistrata" November 2015

SF Garage Residency Project 2015  "OCCUPY" April 2016

Grace Cathedral "Women Against War" tableau, Commissioned by Bay Area Dance Watch, February 2016

Dance Mission Theater "OCCUPY" 2016